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…and am sitting here in a nearly empty chateau with a spotty wi-fi connection that the news breaks, after I whined about it earlier, that Spotify is now available in the States.

This is the same luck that causes me to pick the slowest line at the grocery.

(Can’t believe this is my first blog from France)

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Since we’re in the process of moving to France, this means that the house is being packed up into little tiny packages and will be shipped in whole and in part to the outskirts of the City of Light.

The computer that I am currently typing this on is one of those items. Therefore, I will be off this blog and Twitter for some time until the proper electronic set-up can be set up in fab Paris.

Until then…adieu, but only for a while.

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Have I mentioned that the family and I are moving to France? Yeah, I probably have.

To that end, we are in the process of attempting to rent our house out for a few years. This is akin to selling your house, but you have to keep the house in a much neater condition (those of you who have gone through this know of what I speak).

Last week, much to my horror, I discovered that the tree on our front porch was infested with bagworms.

These little worms are not disgusting or slimy, but they have been destorying the tree for a fair number of years. We didn’t know about it because the little critters are camoflauged quite well.

So here’s the family’s dilemma. Do we…

A) …simply ignore the problem and hope no one notices, but this condemns the tree;
B) …invest in a chemical solution and spray the snot out of the tree (like we have the time for this); or
C) …cut down the tree?

Oh…did I mention we’re leaving next week?

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Over the same number the months, the Federal Bureau of Investigaations (FBI) has managed to cross off two (there’s your number for the day) folks off their Top Ten Most Wanted List.

The first was Osama bin Laden who was killed in a raid in Pakistan.

The second was James Bulger, an alleged mobster from Boston, who had been on the run since 1995.

I wish I could recall the name of the comedian who made this observation, so I cannot take credit for this chestnut, but how does the FBI fill the slots on the Top Ten Most Wanted List when someone is captured or killed. Does Number Eleven on the list move up? Does the FBI simply pick someone from random from their list of fugitives?

Either way, it’s been two months since the raid in Pakistan, and OBL is still on the list. Probably because it feels good to see that red bar with the word “Deceased” on it.

Here’s an interesting comparison. The operation to take down OBL took months of preparation, countless hours of analysis and intelligence from a variety of sources (people, satellites, intercepted communications), a precision strike from a team of highly-trained people we will never know.

Bulger was captured using Twitter.

Hey…whatever it takes.

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He’s been my favorite for over a year now since I randomly picked the number thirty-six and decided to follow the Washington Nationals player sporting that number, so a big tip of the hat and hearty congratulations to Tyler Clippard, relief pitcher, for being selected to the 2011 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, held this year in Arizona.


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