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This week, the theme for the photo challenge from WordPress is “dreaming“.

In the instructions for this challenge, the request is given to Share a photo that makes you DREAM!

From our visit to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History, I offer up the following photo because there is one thing that ignites my dreams and that is money…

$100,000 Bill

“Can you break this bill, sir?”

What sort of dreams could you accomplish with $100,000?

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I am late to this challenge from WordPress, but I have a good excuse.

Which I am not sharing at this point.

Regardless, the family and I are back in the Old Free Colony (my made up term for the Virgina-Maryland-DC area) which means we have the opportunity to visit all the jewels that comprise the Smithsonian Institution.

My answer to the challenge of “fleeting moment” comes courtesy of our visit to the National Museum of Natural History located on the National Mall.

On the second floor of this museum is the Hope Diamond. This 45-carat diamond is displayed on a rotating stand in the center of a room so that more people have the chance to see it.

I waited patiently for the stand to swivel to me so that I could take my picture of this brilliant piece of ice. However, my camera was a tad less than responsive so that I when pressed down my shutter button, the electronics in my Nikon decided to take their own sweet time in transferring the image in front of me onto its memory card. In that time, the stand began its rotation to the next cardinal point, but I did (by accident) manage to catch a ray of light glistening off this legendary blue diamond.

The Hope Diamond

Look for this in the Harry Winston Gallery

Given a hundred more chances, I don’t think I would be able to capture this fleeting moment precisely again.

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Lats week, the family and I enjoyed a fantastic cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage.

One of the fun things the Mannski Unit did while in the state capital of Juneau (besides take a picture next to a cut-out of Sarah Palin) was to go ziplining (alright…is that even a proper gerund?).

For WordPress’s Weekly Photo Challenge that has the theme of “movement“, I offer up my oldest child, Christopher, as he zips down the line.

Son on zipline

Everybody say “Wheeee!”

Yes…it really is as fun and as exciting as it looks.

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Photo Friday has offered up the theme of “sports” for this week and our family cruise to the 49th State offered us the unique opportunity to meet a person who has participated in the Iditarod.

As part of our port of call excursion in Skagway, we visited with Matt Hayashida who told us about raising sled dogs and participating in the Last Great Race on Earth.

On display, next to his sled and other various paraphernalia, are the two items below…

Iditarod trophies

Suitable for framing and display

These are two trophies Mr. Hayashida has earned for being one of the top 30 finishers in the race.

What I enjoy most about these trophies is not so much the time, effort, and love that went into earning them. What I find fascinating about these symbols of accomplishments are the times on the bases. Can’t think of another timed sport or activity where you can earn a trophy after you cross the finish line 10 or 11 days after you started.

Congratulations Mr. Hayashida on your trophies, best of luck come 2013, and thanks for a wonderful tour.

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My apologies for not posting in some time, but I have been out and about for the past week. It is summer and that screams vacation time so the family and I are taking this opportunity to wing our way back to the United States.

I am currently in Virginia checking on the ol’ homestead and making sure our tenats have not burned it to the ground (which is expressly forbidden in our lease).

Before arriving in the Old Dominion and in celebration of my parent’s 55th wedding anniversary, they treated my family and the families of my siblings to a cruise that took us through the Inside Passage of Alaska.

For the theme provided by Photo Friday, which was “dog“, I offer up a close-up cute-up photo of a sled dog puppy that we saw in Skagway, Alaska, as part of an excusrion.

Sled dog puppy

Pegging the cuteness meter

You may commence “Awwww”ing now.

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