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The Free Ride Ends

My days of a flaneur officially ended on Monday.

I am now employed and no longer have all the free time that being jobless afforded me. So now, instead of surfing and reading the Web, randomly creating subjects to create columns about, and posting my witty insights about life, family, and whatever else entered my head, I am back to the grind of singing for my supper – to borrow a phrase.


I may be able to steal enough time from my schedule (it’s always a full plate when one is learning a new job, position, office, etc.) to post every once in a while (especially the photo challenges on Friday) but I will be off my slightly-regular schedule every other two days.

It’s been fun, but I guess it’s time to earn my keep in the Mannski Family.

As a parting gift, allow me offer you a pair of Cavlands, which is my made-up name for drawings of objects that are comprised of the letters that make up that object. I have twice posted other samples of this art form and you can find them here and here.

Saturn and Candy Cane

Letters as objects of art

End Note
: Since I am bowing out, the field of veridiction is now wide open for the folks over at PunditTracker.

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It has been a looooong time since I posted any of my Cavland creations.

For a quick refresher on what a Cavland is and to see four of my previous drawing using this style, you can jump here.

For the United States observation of Flag Day (which was June 14), I offer the following:

Cavland - Flag


Long may she wave!

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Cavlands – The First Four

Long, long ago (okay, about eleven years ago), when I lived in San Diego, I would pick up the city’s version of The Reader newspaper. It was a lovely large weekly periodical, but I enjoyed it for its weekly puzzle. One puzzle (eons ago) was a series of pictures that were drawn using nothing but the letters of the word itself. The purpose of the puzzle was to figure out what the objects were. For example, a kite was drawn using only the letters “K”, “I”, “T”, and “E”. The letters could be in any combination, could be lower or upper case, and could be manipulated in any way so long as the letter still remained recognizable.

Intrigued by this concept, I created my own versions of this puzzle. Recently, I re-discovered this cache of drawings and (surprise, surprise) I feel like sharing them with you.

Now I cannot recall what these puzzles (which were all the rage in the 1920s, if memory serves) were called, but I have given them my own name: Cavlands.

So…here we go with my first four that I found. Can you guess what they are:

Ideal for a proposition

Cavland Number One

Appropriate if it was made of tin

Cavland Number Two

Fine to eat on a Saturday also

Cavland Number Three

Proudly serving from 1960 to 1998

Cavland Number Four

Hope you had fun with these and I’ll see if I can post more.

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