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Back when I was growing up, one of the activities a younger version of myself did was to engage in scavenger hunts. Yes, it may be hard to believe, but there was a time when parents actually allowed their progeny to go door to door, knocking on the doors of strangers in the neighborhood, and ask for objects from a list of items such as blue rubber bands or combs with broken teeth.

Nowadays, scavenger hunts – like most other things – have migrated to the digital world and the Internet. Instead of rapping on doors, participants in scavenger hunts now use cameras to take part in photo scavenger hunts. These are activities where the object is to capture on film (or pixels) certain visual imagery. You can have an outdoor photo scavenger hunt with your kids, participate with Cisco in a photo hunt at the 2014 Mobile World Congress, or take part with the folks who brought you the largest scavenger hunt ever (according to the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records) – which would be GISHWHES (which stands for Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen).

In that vein of photo scavenger hunts, I would like to offer up the following images (free of charge) for anybody who would like to use them for a future event. All I ask is a credit. We’ll start with a picture of actor Nicholas Cage selling watches.


If you need a photo of melted store signs, this should suffice.


I’m not sure why this would ever come up, but the beauty of photo scavenger hunts is that the organizers can come up with some odd objects to find. So, if your list of photos to procure includes “An advertisement for the country of Andorra on a bus”, here’s your sign.


For my grand finale – and for an image that should be worth over 1,000 points in any hunt, I give you Beetlejuice in a Santa outfit.

DSCN5973Now go out there and snap some photos.

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I wish I had a picture of the singer, Pink, because that would have been unique.

Instead, I will have to make do with the actual color of pink. The reason I have this color on the brain is that it is the weekly theme from the website WheresMyBackpack.com.

I dove into my archives of digital photographs and came up with this item from 2009. This is a close-up of an Air Nippon plane. The only item that satisfies the theme are the letters, but I’m tickled by this picture by the bit of whimsy the designers placed on the plane.


Hold on, little panda, hold on.

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Over this summer, the Mannski Family finished off their stay in the United States with a trip to Disneyland. As a child who grew up in Southern California, I spent a good deal of time at the Happiest Place on Earth. As such, I could tell you some of hidden symbols and places that reside in the amusement park, but instead I’ll just link over to snopes.com where they have all the inside dope on the House of Mouse.

is the travel theme this week from Where’s My Backpack? and today we’re going to Disneyland to answer the challenge.

Disneyland opened in 1955 and has undergone several renovations and expansions since that time. One of those expansions was in the 1990s when the thrill ride Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye opened in 1995. Since there was almost no more room inside the amusement park, this ride actually spills out onto the original parking lot at Disneyland. All of the original lot is now lost as it was transformed into Disney’s other theme park in Anaheim, California Adventure.

The “hidden” part of this ride comes from the glyphs that are peppered throughout the walls in the line leading to the ride. There are warnings that these messages are trying to deliver, but they are hidden.



While I have no picture for it, there is one more “hidden” aspect to this ride I want to mention. As I said up top, the Indian Jones ride was built on part of the park’s original parking lot. The parking lot used to be divided into sections that were named after Disney characters. The Indiana Jones ride was built over the Eeyore section. In an homage, the designers of the ride hid an Eeyore parking sign in the ride. You have to stretch to see it, but there it is.

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Focus is the theme for this week’s photographic challenge hosted by WordPress.

My answer to this week’s challenge was going to be part of a larger puzzle post whereby I would upload pictures I took from a specific place and ask my readers to identify where I was. However, it didn’t quite work out, but at least I can salvage the idea with one of the photos I took, which you can see below.

Knot a Knight

Knot a Knight

I purposely attempted to keep the background out of focus so that certain details would not be immediately visible – which would also be a dead giveaway. I wanted to the focus to be on the foreground, which is the white horse head. That item, in and of itself, should be enough of a clue for people in the know to know where I am.

So, how about you? Can you guess where I took this picture that was snapped in July of 2013? Frequent visitors to my blog should have little difficulty because they already know where the Mannski Family spends part of the summer vacation.

Happy hunting.

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The settling in of the Mannski Family to our new digs in Thailand has reached a point where I can take a breath and catch up on all the on-line zaniness that I missed while moving halfway across the world.

One of those on-line activities that I have missed and am glad to come back to is the Weekly Photo Challenge brought to you by the fine folks over at WordPress.

On Friday, they announced their theme for the week was carefree.

My response is, “What could be more carefree than the Happiest Place on Earth?”

During our nomadic experience between the Continent and Thailand, the family stopped off in the States to visit my side of the family in California. One of the things we did while there was to visit the House of Mouse in Anaheim. One of the new attractions in California Adventure is the Cars ride. Below you can see a group of carefree folk about to enjoy the latest and greatest Disney has to offer.

Please remember to exit to your left.

Please remember to exit to your left.

Seriously, who could be more carefree than a chap enjoying roller coasters and turkey legs.

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Where: Arlington, Virginia (specifically Roslyn)

When: July 2012

Reflection of crane in building

Architecture is frozen music -Goethe

Why: Weekly Photo Challenge theme of reflections.

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What am I thankful for?

I am thankful I have lived in a metropolis (in this case, the Washington DC area) that is big enough and intelligent enough to host a smart, challenging, and puzzling event such as the Washington Post Hunt.

Below is a picture I took during the 2009 version of this event.

Statue puzzle at PostHunt 2009

It’s a clue – if you know how to look

The statues in this picture – actually, people dressed up as art objects – and a card with five sentences which was handed out to all the participants were meant as clues.

Sadly, I missed the 2012 version of this event and most likely will miss the 2013 staging of this contest.

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