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Travel Theme: Red

It’s the first color when describing the hues of a rainbow and it’s the topic from the website Where’s My Backpack?. I speak, of course, of the color red (or the true chromatic geek, #FF0000)

My photographic selection comes from the Alaska portion of our summer vacation in the United States. One day of our cruise around the Inside Passage took us to Skagway. After a day of viewing sled dogs and panning for gold, we were walking back to the cruise ship when my wife spotted this curious item.

Backpack planter in Alaska

Room for six

To answer the question posed by the name of the blog hosting this weekly challenge, “There it is.”

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My apologies for not posting in some time, but I have been out and about for the past week. It is summer and that screams vacation time so the family and I are taking this opportunity to wing our way back to the United States.

I am currently in Virginia checking on the ol’ homestead and making sure our tenats have not burned it to the ground (which is expressly forbidden in our lease).

Before arriving in the Old Dominion and in celebration of my parent’s 55th wedding anniversary, they treated my family and the families of my siblings to a cruise that took us through the Inside Passage of Alaska.

For the theme provided by Photo Friday, which was “dog“, I offer up a close-up cute-up photo of a sled dog puppy that we saw in Skagway, Alaska, as part of an excusrion.

Sled dog puppy

Pegging the cuteness meter

You may commence “Awwww”ing now.

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