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When Bill Clinton was President (and even before), those opposed to him wasted no time or effort to tar and feather him by associating him with the following scandals…

Whitewater – a real estate venture gone bust;
Vince Foster – the Deputy White House Counsel who killed himself in 1993;
Troopergate – allegations from the days when Clinton was Governor of Arkansas; and
Gennifer Flowers.

This constant cry of scandal and misdeed led to an interesting conclusion.

When something scandalous actually did show up, the affair with Monica Lewinsky and the impeachment and trial that followed, the public had Clinton “scandal fatigue” and shrugged. Clinton was acquitted by the Senate and he left office with an approval rating of 66%. By comparison, Ronald Reagan finished out his second term with an approval rating under 60%.

As George Santayana put it, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Such is the case with those who oppose President Barack Obama. Whether it is those who…

…question his birth certificate;
…question his religion;
…question his affiliation with pastor Jeremiah Wright;
…question his patriotism; or
…call him a socialist,

…those that call for the impeachment of the current occupant of the White House are falling into the same trap that captured the opponents of Clinton.

When something actually does show up – such as Benghazi and the Issa hearings or the IRS controversy – the public just shrugs and passes it off as more GOP crying wolf…or Kenyan…or Muslim.

Just once, I would like to see an opposition party keeps its powder dry and pounce at the right time…not simply at every whiff of blood in the air.

I have such large expectations.


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So what is it exactly about a president’s second term that makes them go all wobbly in the ethics department.

Richard Nixon had Watergate.

Ronald Reagan had the Iran-Contra Affair.

Bill Clinton had an affair.

George W Bush had the Valerie Plame Affair.

And now, the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has Benghazi, the IRS targeting of conservative groups, and the Department of Justice’s snooping on the Associated Press all on his scandal-plate.

Maybe Jimmy Carter and George Herbert Walker Bush are happy with the fact they were one-term presidents.

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Richard Nixon had Watergate.

Ronald Reagan had Iran-Contra.

Bill Clinton had Monica Lewinsky.

Since the second term of some of our most recent Presidents have involved a scandal, my follow-up question is this…

What will be the scandal that crops up before 2016 that almost brings down the Obama Administration?

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With this month being named after the Roman diety Janus, the god of time (among other things), I thought I would take this opportunity to use this time to go through some of my veridictions (my practice of verifying predictions).

Way back in 2000 (December 29 to be exact), then-President Bill Clinton made the remark that the entire public debt (estimated at $3 trillion at that time) could be paid off by 2010.

Fast forward a decade and on December 29, 2010, the amount of federal government debt held by the public was $9.327 trillion – an increase of over 200%.

So how did Mr. Clinton get it wrong?

Well, according to Bloomberg News article I linked to, Clinton did add some caveats to his prediction including:

…if federal spending increases at the rate of inflation and Congress adds no large spending programs [and] there will be no big tax cuts, such as the $1.3-trillion plan proposed by President-elect George W. Bush.

Since this trifecta of assumptions occured, it’s no wonder we’re still in the red ink.

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