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It’s the only day of the week that begins with an “F”, which means it time to break out the theme from Photo Friday…which on this fourteenth day of September is “interiors“.

I’ve dug into the shoebox for this 2009 photo taken during a Mannski Family trip to Luray Caverns.

Reflecting pond in Luray Caverns

Cave interior

From the interior of the cavern, this is not a picture of stalactites reaching down towards stalagmites. Instead, what you are looking at are stalagmites (the rocky croppings on the ceiling) being reflected in a pool of water.

I thought it was a neat effect.


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I’m late, but here I am anyway. On The Horizon is the theme from Photo Friday.

Once again, I am delving into the photographs from our summer stay in the United States. Part of that trek took us into Virginia where, after a sudden summer squall (and that’s a lot of anxious alliteration from a brilliant blogger), I took this picture.

Rainbow over Jefferson Memorial and Potomac River

Sadly, not a double rainbow

It’s the Potomac River and the Jefferson Memorial is that little white blob in the lower left.

But wait…what’s that amber smudge to the top and right of the Jefferson Memorial?

What is that thing on the horizon?

Odd object over Jefferson Memorial

Call Mulder and Scully (or Project Bluebook depending on your age)

Did I actually manage to capture a digital image of a UFO? a sprite? a super-secret military plane?


Turns out it was only the ceiling light from the kitchen behind me being reflected image in the window in front of me.


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From Photo Friday, the theme for their weekly photography contest is modern life.

As much as I would like to offer up a picture of Rocko, I will instead offer this story.

Over this summer, the Mannski Unit was able to enjoy a cruise around Alaska’s Inside Passage. To give the trip an international flavor, the boat made a stop in Victoria, British Columbia (which would be in Canada). Sadly, we were only in this beautiful port city for four hours. I wish we could have stayed longer in this locale because there seemed to be a multitude of fascinating tourist places. Perhaps later, I will show pictures of the city’s iconic flower baskets, but for now, I give you this photo of the interesting, modern times we live in when there can be an advertisement for something like this…

Sign in Victoria, Canada

Yeah, Canada!

May the participants walk their canines with pride.

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Quiet, save the sound of falling snow.

Snow scene

Still life with snow

Enough said.

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Photo Friday has the theme of “summer colors” for this week’s opportunity to showcase photographic images.

During the summer month of July, the family and I were lucky enough to take a cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage.

During that trip, our boat went into the Tracy Arm Fjord where we were able to see the Sawyer Glacier, the first glacier I have ever seen in person.

My “summer color” for this week’s theme is blue…

Sawyer Glacier in Tracy Arm Fjord

It’s just like the ice in your freezer…but bigger.

Okay, truth be told, blue with a touch of gray.

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Trying to catch up on all the Photo Friday challenges that I missed while I was away.

Last week’s theme was luminous and with that in mind, I offer up a photo I took of the most luminous object I could find early one morning.

Sunrise over Virginia

I’ve Got Sol

Ahh…the start of a new day full of possibility.

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Photo Friday has unveiled their weekly theme and it is clothing.

Rather than regale y’all with my extensive fashion collection or the winning looks of my fabulous children (excuse me while I remove my tongue from my cheek now), I offer you this look that was all the rage back in the ’60s…

Actor in Colonial Willamsburg

…every lady’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed gentleman…

…the 1760s that is.

This picture is from an April 2011 trip the family took to Colonial Williamsburg, that place in Virgina where you can go and see how people lived their lives back before we were a country.

During our visit, several of the reenactors gave performances out in th street that told of the country’s drive and struggle for independence. The man you see in the photo above in the monochromatic duds (but really cool buckle shoes) was just such a performer.

Not only do clothes make the man, but they also help an actor get into the role.

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